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Henry Okanogan, Wa., USA, Oct 18, 2016
My first appointment was an examination. It involved no hard pressure selling, just facts about my teeth. The next appointment was for deep cleaning to address some quite severe infection. My third appointment was to take some impressions for creation of a partial and the first leg of a root canal to save a tooth that had been dismissed four years ago as not financially feasible by a specialist in the States. The next appointment was the fitting of my lower partial. The final visit was the completion of the root canal, whose procedure was totally painless and extremely thorough. All this happened over a span of eight days to accommodate my short stay in Cabo. I have been a severe candidate for dental chairs for many years and this was by far the most complete, effecient and painless dental experience I have ever witnessed. The cost was less than a third of what it would have cost in the States and Dr. Pelagio and his staff were some of the nicest and most effecient dental professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have been back home for a couple weeks now and can’t remember a time when my mouth felt so right. I highly recommend this team for a great dental experience.


Clifford Benicia, California, Aug 19, 2016
I had a root canal, 2 crowns, and 7 cavities done at this office. The staff is friendly and the dentist is diligent and detail oriented. I’m very happy with the way my teeth look and feel now


Dennis SAN JOSE, BAJA, CANADA, Jul 16, 2016
I was very pleased with overall service in all areas of my dental experience, words amd stars cam not describe my thoughts, to say the least i am delighted!!!!!the nurses are even wonderful, the dentist very personable, my friend last year had a similar experience with extensive dental work done and is also very happy, p{ease use this dentist with, he is the best i have ever had and i am canadian, they tell us in canada to not use mexican dentist, ha this is not correct , they are very educated and this dentist has all the best equipment too , 5 stars plis in all categories!!!!!!THANK YOU


Lisa Seattle , USA, Jul 5, 2016
I had 12 crowns and a root canal done. The dentist really took his time to make sure everything was comfortable and done correctly. He was very good at communicating exactly what he was doing and making sure I was okay.
The result was awesome. I can’t get over how great they look.
The price was less than half of what it would be in the US , including the cost of my trip. Also it was great to get all that done in only 8 days. I would definitely recommend this clinic!


John austin, usa, Jul 3, 2016
I just returned from a week in Cabo, and while vacationing I went in for a whitening procedure. The dentist did an excellent job and I was finished in 2 hours. I would recommend him to anyone and plan on returning next year for a follow up.
John from Austin


Ron Canada, British columbia, Apr 22, 2016
very excellent service. very friendly helpful. would recommend to anyone.we had full set of parcials done looks and feels great. good well done. thank you


Allan, Vancouver (WA), USA, Apr 21, 2016
My appointment was on time and the service was excellent! I had a partial plate made and fitted. From the start to the finish, it took one week. That was including final adjustment.


John, Vancouver, canada, Mar 11 2016
I had all my dental problems solved in one week while on vacation. A new partial plate and a replacement bridge. Paid for my holiday. Very satisfied.

Dentistas Asociados
John we appreciate your kind words and hope to see you whenever you´re back in Cabos.
Everything worked very well so you ended up satisfied in the short time we had to accomplish your dental work .
Best Regards

Brent, Layton, USA, Sep 17 2015
Outstanding experience with my dentist and her staff at Dental Santa Fe. My initial visit on Monday was for examination and preparation for three crowns, followed by cleaning/teeth whitening on Wednesday, and back on Friday morning for the permanent crowns (flew back to the states in the afternoon). I felt so comfortable with everyone at the facility and they made me feel right at home!!! At least as much at home as you can be at a dentist office!!! The quality of dental work done and for the price (about 1/3rd the cost of what I would have paid in the states) was more than expected. I will definitely go back again for any future dental work needed…… and I recommend this office to anyone looking for a good experience in the chair!!!

Dentistas Asociados
Brent we´re so pleased to have you as our patient.
Your trust and friendly manner made us feel at ease to complete the dental work
so succesfully in the short time we had to do so.
Thanks again. We appreciate your kind words an look forward to have you back soon

Bruce, Tustin, USA, Jun 20 2014
Great service, very nice people would come again.

Dentistas Asociados
Hello Mr MacKenzie
Certainly, we will be ready whenever you need us.
Hope you come back next year for your Cabo´s vacations.
If that so, we´ll get your teeth whiter and your smile brighter

Todd, Hatteras, North Carolina, USA, Jun 20, 2014
This team of professionals went above and beyond in every phase of the procedure. My father is a retired dentist, so I know of what I speak . The level of care I received was superior. The crowns have been examined by a dentist here at home and have been determined to be top notch in terms of quality and precision. I will go back and see them. The price by the way was unbeatable.

Dentistas Asociados
Todd, we all thank you for your comments.
Yes, we were, just like you, very pleased with the end result of your crowns
Your new smile is our pride–the color, shape and size of your crowns look just perfect.
Come back anytime you need dental care, we promise to treat you as well as we did.

Lori, Airdrie Canada, Jun 20, 2014
I had a full upper denture made and the remaining if my upper teeth pulled. My denture is absolutely beautiful and they make sure you are comfortable and no pain. If you are in need of major dental work I recommend dental Santa Fe Dental Station. The prices are very reasonable. With the money I saved it paid for my vacation and then some.

Dentistas Asociados
Hi Lori,
Your review made us feel we´re doing the right thing and the things right.
Thanks for your rates in all areas and rember us whenever you feel we can be part of your dental health

JanetCourtenay, British Columb, Canada, Jun 20, 2014
I went to the Dental Santa Fe clinic in Cabo San Lucas to have a crown done. I arrived directly from my flight and had a 2.5 hour appointment. They took really good care of me and completed the installation a couple of days later. I am really pleased with the work that was done and everyone was extremely pleasant and professional. I went to the clinic on Aquajitos near the Soriana. Easy to get to from ‘downtown’. Cheers, Janet

Dentistas Asociados
Hello Janet,
It was our pleausure to take care of you.
You are a very good patient and easy to work with.
Thanks for your kind review we hope seeing you next year or even earlier.
We are proud of being part of your dental health.

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